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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Alpaca Scarf

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Please see notes at end of pattern before beginning!


3 skeins Plymouth Alpaca Grande
Size 10.5 Knitting Needles


3.5 st/ 1 inch


Ok, so streched, this is about 6 inches wide. When worn, it goes down to about 4.5/5 inches.

With fringe, when worn, it will be about 78 inches long to start. It will stretch to be longer!


Cut 70 10-inch lengths of yarn and set aside.

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Cast on 28 sts.

Work in 4x4 rib, always slipping the first stitch to create a nice edge.

Work until you run out of yarn.

Make a tassel out of 5 lengths of pre-cut yarn and attach to the center of each rib on each side. Trim fringe so it's nice and even.

Weave in ends.


This is a really long scarf. I like 'em long so you can wrap it around your neck a few times when it's cold, or, around your head and your neck. Also, if it's not that cold, I think they look more stylish long when you're wearing it as an accesory to your coat.

If you don't want it that long, only use 2 balls of yarn!

The alpaca is really soft, which is great, except it also sheds a bit and pills easily.

When slipping the stitches, slip the stitch as if to work. That is, if you're knitting the first 4 stitches, slip the stich knitwise. If you're purling the first 4 stitches, slip it purlwise!


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